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Dwight Clark's Comeback Route - 12/5/13

The highest point the now-doomed Candlestick Park ever reached was right at 11 feet, 5 inches, when San Francisco 49ers receiver Dwight Clark leaped to pick a stitched pigskin out of the clouds with his fingernails. It was a crack in the space/time/football continuum. The 49ers began their dynasty with The Catch. The Dallas Cowboys ended theirs. In the stands was a 4-year-old with hubcap eyes: Tom Brady. The lowest point ever reached by Clark himself, though, came almost 30 years later. Bankrupt, in the middle of a divorce, and all his real estate developments upside down, he had to sell his five Super Bowl rings and yet was still up to his nostrils in debt. "One day, I realized the total amount of money I had available to me was under $500," remembers Clark, now 56. "I really had no idea what I was going to do next." Like Candlestick itself, the life of Dwight Clark has been bittersweet, full of shimmering memories and smelly ones. Read Article

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